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International Association of Analytical Psychology

Aims of the Association

The Association is an international organization of those engaged in the practice of Analytical Psychology. Its aims are:

  1. To promote the study of Analytical Psychology;
  2. To disseminate knowledge of Analytical Psychology;
  3. To require the maintenance of high standards of training, practice, and ethical conduct;
  4. To hold Congresses.

Irish Council for Psychotherapy

The primary aim of the Irish Council for Psychotherapy is to serve clients, patients and psychotherapists by encouraging and maintaining the highest standards of practice.
When a person is seeking the services of a psychotherapist, it is important to seek someone who is experienced and well-trained.
We act as a link between those who are looking for psychotherapeutic services and those who provide psychotherapeutic services.

Marion Woodman Foundation

marion woodman

The roots of the BodySoul work grow out of a deep respect for dreams, C. G. Jung's understanding of the psyche, and the wisdom of the body. Jungian analyst Marion Woodman has nurtured and developed these roots through her passionate commitment to feminine consciousness both in her writing and her devotion to the embodied soul.

The BodySoul approach evolved over a 30-year period of collaboration between Marion Woodman, Mary Hamilton, and Ann Skinner in their BodySoul Rhythms Intensives. In these intensives, the leaders create a supportive space where each participant can access and use her own individual dream imagery to discover her authentic self and speak with a free, open voice. Art and mask-making offer space for the unlived energy (the shadow) to emerge through the body, psyche, and voice.

The imagination is the bridge between psyche and soma. Dream work, movement, voice, and creative expression are the core of the BodySoul work. The safety of the temenos (sacred space) created by the structure and format of the intensives, allows the healing of old wounds, the emergence of new energies, and the embodied living of an integrated life.

 [ARAS] The Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism

Begun in the 1930's by a colleague of Jung, the ARAS archive contains approximately 17,000 photographic images, each cross-indexed and accompanied by scholarly commentary. The commentary includes a description of the image with a cultural history that serves to place it in its unique historical and geographical setting. Often it also includes an archetypal commentary that brings the image into focus for its modern psychological and symbolic meaning, as well as a bibliography for related reading and a glossary of technical terms.



Dublin Reg. No.253243, CHY.12217.
Affiliated with the International Association for Analytical Psychology (I.A.A.P.) and Member of the Irish Council for Psychotherapy (I.C.P.), under the Psychoanalytic Section as representing Analytical (Jungian) Psychology professionally in Ireland.

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